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Damages at Jeremie

Hurricane Matthew - What can we do to help?

Hurricane Matthew had left behind major damages to cities and towns in the south and northwest of Haiti. So far, the death toll is estimated at 800 persons; many thousands families are displaced; roa...

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First Baptist Church of Pernier

Call for donation for mobile clinic at Cavaillon

This Saturday, October 22, members from the First Baptist Church of Pernier will go to Cavaillon (south of Haiti, right before Les Cayes) to distribute food, water, shoes, toothpastes, toothbrushes, s...

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Chest x-ray

Radiology service at the Repheka Clinic

Since August 2816, radiology service is available at the Repheka Clinic. A brand new x-ray machine has been developed by a team from Tennessee, led by David Martin and Dr. Charlie Barnett. So far, abo...

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